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SIDE EFFECTS: Agitation, anxiety, insomnia (see list below). Withdrawal from Wellbutrin should only be done under the care of a health practitioner.

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When you stop smoking, you may experience symptoms of cigarette withdrawal. Some people have side effects when using bupropion SR pills.Wellbutrin side effects, warnings, Wellbutrin precautions, Wellbutrin adverse effects, Wellbutrin overdose.Nada. Zip. In fact, I had no side effects when I first started Wellbutrin,.

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People who have been taking antidepressants for some time may wish to stop taking them due to unpleasant side effects.A typical bupropion treatment course. reports of increased side effects and decreased.

It is one of a few drugs that can be used in combination with other antidepressants similar to Wellbutrin.

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I started taking this drug with NO IDEA of the withdrawal side effects.

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All in all, withdrawal from Wellbutrin or a bland type of buproprion can begin at.

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