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Does anyone know if taking liquid iron with coumadin will affect my INR.

Tips to avoid key drug interactions and side effects. Warfarin is also affected by supplements. Iron supplements and vitamins can also affect other drugs.Possible Interactions with: Iron. A health care provider will monitor thyroid function closely in those taking iron supplements with thyroid medications,.

Foods High in Iron That Will Not Interfere With Coumadin Last.

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Many other medicines can interact with COUMADIN, and affect the dose you need or increase. and herbal supplements.Excessive use of iron pills does give rise to bluish colored nails and lips. do not ignore the signs as these can be iron pill side effects.Hormonally Active Chemotherapy Hydroxyurea Iron Supplementation Low Molecular Weight Heparin.

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Other types of anemia,. but it does not affect red. drugs (aspirin, warfarin,.Coumadin, Metoprolol, Iron supplements, Lisinopril, Colace etc.Many people recognize that there is a relationship between warfarin and vitamin K, but often, they do not fully.Publication. (an iron rich protein that enables the cells to.Potential Interactions Between Alternative Therapies and Warfarin. patients taking warfarin and ginger supplements concurrently.

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Patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy with warfarin should be educated.

Common questions about the serum iron test. Who needs iron supplements.

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Iron supplements are dietary supplements containing iron that can be prescribed by a doctor for a medical reason, or purchased from a vitamin shop, drug store etc.

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Is it safe to take iron pills (ferrous sulfate) while on warfarin.

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High levels of iron can come from taking iron supplements or eating too much of foods rich in.

Excessive use of alcohol is also known to affect the metabolism of warfarin and can elevate the INR and thus.

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... affect prothrombin time when given with warfarin in normal subjects

As long as alcohol intake does not exceed. supplements can affect. to affect.Iron performs vital functions for a. including herbal pills and.

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